Strategy & Innovation

Align on what’s next.

Left unchecked, your list of priorities grows exponentially. How do you decide where you’re headed and what to work on? What do you decide to ignore? Defining and more importantly, aligning your company around your strategy is critical to speed and success.

Open helps you use the power of design thinking to carve out your approach to the market and align your stakeholders through tools like strategic workshops, a new brand identity, visual storytelling and strategic communication.



User Research

Creating value for your customer requires understanding what is valuable to your customer. To uncover these insights, OpenDigital uses qualitative, quantitative, and ethnographic observational research methods.


Product Strategy

Just because today’s technology means companies can build nearly any product they can dream up doesn’t mean they should. Our product strategy offering helps align the needs of the business, the desires of the customers, and the capabilities of the technology to create truly resonating products and services.


Governance & Transformation

Are the new products and services your organization is investing in aligned to the goals of the business? Are they managed in a way that positions you for success today and tomorrow? Does your project portfolio have a strategic roadmap?  These are all questions at the heart of of our strategy accelerator consulting offer. We act as a guide along the way to create an executive point of view, while building belief at the project and organization level from best practices, thought leadership and experts from industry and academia.