Data Solutions

Never let another insight hide in the junk drawer.

Hidden inside the sea of data you’re collecting are new lines of revenue, game-changing product features and cost efficiencies that can change the trajectory of your business. Starting with an understanding of your business goals, Open supports your Digital Strategy and provides insights through Data Visualization and Custom Reporting to help you see the forest and the trees.


Data Visualization

Using technology and design, we create static or interactive representations of data that reinforce understanding.

Data Discovery

Data and insights are tomorrow’s currency. We use data sandboxes to develop insights and algorithms to enable end users, transform your business and evolve your next generation of products.

Customer Insights

At Open, we use both qualitative and quantitative human-centered research methods to uncover insights and find opportunities for your organization.

Metric Design

Having access to data is great, as long as you are able to use it in a way that benefits you. We create designs to access the metrics that matter the most to each unique user.

Operationalized Insights

Once insights are developed, we will work with your organization to scale these processes within the larger system so the whole organization can benefit.

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