Customer Insights

Whoever understands the customer best, wins.

As you shift your attention to scaling your company, it’s surprisingly easy to lose focus on your number one purpose: solving your customer’s needs. Human Centered Design begins with the premise that understanding your customer is the key to creating valuable and sustainable products and companies. At Open, we use both qualitative and quantitative human-centered research methods to uncover insights and find opportunities for your organization.



Customer Definition

Understanding your customer, their motivations, and their requirements is crucial to creating a product or service that adds real value. Engaging in customer definition work and talking to real customers allows your team to hit the ground running towards true innovation.

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Insights Collection

We blend qualitative and quantitative methods to generate insights to drive your business. Quantitative research seeks to collect data from a large group of participants. At OpenDigital, we use these methods to understand existing user sentiments around a product, brand or service. These insights can then inform strategy, product, or marketing decisions. Qualitative research is used to discover underlying motivations of a group of people. By using interviews, observations, and in-person walkthroughs, OpenDigital’s research team can collect feedback from real users in live scenarios.


Synthesis & Opportunity Identification

This is where we turn mounds of survey data, observation notes, and interview transcripts into concise, actionable opportunities. We’ll sit side-by-side with you to review findings, mine out key takeaways, and develop an informed roadmap that puts you on the path to success.

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