Connected Products

Make meaningful connections.

At Open we partner with customers to build products that shift the paradigms of perceived value in the organization. We specialize in connected products (IoT), combining the physical products, digital presence and data insights that drive value for both users and manufacturers. Building connected products requires a new way of thinking, building and operating and is critical for success.



Product Strategy

Just because today’s technology means companies can build nearly any product they can dream up doesn’t mean they should. Our product strategy offering helps align the needs of the business, the desires of customers, and the capabilities of technology to create products and services that truly resonate. 



Executive Engagement

Creating a connected product takes new organizational competencies. Gaining alignment, selecting an owner and securing resources are keys to creating an effective connected program.  Open creates a customized plan for transformation and advises key executive stakeholders on the path forward.  



Product Development Process

Developing a connected product is a complex process. Keeping executives, product leadership, digital apps, platform and device teams aligned requires diligence and intention to keep these cross-funtional teams in sync. All the while, balancing priorities and handling new learnings requires a process that is designed to manage change. At Open, we have successful worked with clients to manage these dynamics and successfully launch connected products.


Experience Design

The holistic mapping of touchpoints on the service offered through a product or series of products is about consistency, continuity, and composition. Not only is the communication in the visual execution important to meeting expectations and fulfilling the need, but is also dependent on how that service is delivered. It’s not just about what something looks or feels like. It’s about genuinely understanding a need—and helping fulfill it.


Platform Design and Development

We build data processing architectures that quickly and efficiently ingest, process and store large, complex data sets at a low cost. These architectures serve as the foundation for industry-leading digital experiences and insights.


Analytics and Insights

Insights and analytics help you know what you don’t know by making sense of the flow of data generated by your products. Value is created in the form of insights for the individual user, for the manufacturer, and for any group in between. These insights can be the difference in relying on lagging metrics to make a move, and being proactive in order to avoid costly mistakes or delayed decision making.

Understanding analytics to gain insights is not a linear process, rather an opportunity for continuous improvement. The most value can be gained from the insights gleaned in future generations of a connected product.



It lives in your customers’ hands. All day. Every day. The demands of this category are many—requiring special considerations and expertise. With over 70 full time application developers and UI/UX designers, OST understands what it means to build a successful application to provide a great experience with your product.



We design Voice UI that is natural for the end users to interact with and can integrate with your existing systems and products. Your business can strategically leverage the leading edge of interaction technology to differentiate your connected product in the market place.


Managed Services

You’ve created the product and launched it. Now what? Our managed services team can take care of the daily tasks required to maintain and run a connected products infrastructure and support system, so your internal resources can continue to focus on growing your organization.

Think Big. Start Small. Move Fast.

Our competition is moving into this territory and we need to move fast. Where do we start?

The development process for connected product is different. We could sugar coat it, but there is no denying that jumping into the world of digital products results in a shift in the organization. Whether determining if an existing unconnected product can be “connected” or starting from scratch, the strategies and processes it takes to get there are complex. We have been down this road before, helping our clients navigate the unknowns and we happily meet you wherever you are in the process. Our end to end approach means we can jump right and walk alongside, from strategy and validation to implementation and generation 2, 3, and 4, we get it.

How do we minimize potential risks and estimate cost?

One of the exciting things about the current landscape of connected products is the vast amount of choices available to create a product that makes sense for your organization and customer. It is also what makes it so difficult to get a view of the bottom before diving in. We help you sort through what you need, and what you don’t, as well as set clear expectations for development and the years ahead. Our sprint-based approach helps your organization incrementally drive towards the correct value for you. Our customer-centered approach ensures we are all focused on the same outcome. It doesn’t seem as risky if everyone aligns and understands what lies ahead and works together along the way to learn and create. That’s where we can help.

Can we validate and measure our connected product approach before getting too far into the process?

If your competition jumps off a bridge, will you do it too in order to stay relevant? Sometimes, taking on a connected product project can feel like this age-old analogy. You feel like you have to go down this road to keep up, but is it really the best way to accomplish your business’s goals? Any new product idea needs to identify motivation and need of your customer, in which case we offer a proof-of-value engagement, a customer-centered activity to define the opportunity based on user evidence. Just as valuable is building a proof-of-concept to determine if the proposed solution is feasible. The relationship between these two offerings gives you a solid viewpoint of your product roadmap. Our proven processes help your business prove that the proposed solution resonates and has enough muscle to move forward successfully. Less risks. Clearer path forward. These can and should be interchanged and not prescriptive as first and second. The original way this was written is very software/development focused.

Can you work alongside our team to set us on the right path in strategy, experience and technology?

We totally get this. Our goal is to walk along-side your teams, not replace them. Whether you need help with the strategy and initial steps, determining which platform is best or just need an extra set of hands to guide the project, we’re there, working side-by-side to create the best possible outcome for you.

With a rapidly changing landscape, how do we build what our customers want?

We see the landscape of many industries changing. Heck, we have even had a hand in shifting a few. Connected products are at the heart of possibilities for your business. We can help your teams research and innovate on opportunities through qualitative and quantitative insights and ideation sprints. Ideas that stretch your product experience, customer experiences, and even your business model.

Ready to get started?

We can jump in at the beginning, or anywhere along the journey.

Let’s discuss how connected products can have the biggest impact on your business.