We love this stuff

One size fits one.

While every Open Digital project is unique, they are consistent in how they begin: by learning from you, your business, and your customer. 

Whether we are designing your application or building your connected product, we believe that customer experience comes first and that the technology we use should be informed by that experience, not the other way around. 

First, we learn.

We won’t hide from the fact that the client, and likely their customers, know far more than we do about the problem. At the start of a project, we use this knowledge gap as an opportunity to learn. We listen to users, pick the brains of key stakeholders, and involve business analysts to build a narrative around the project.

Then test.

This is where we things get fun. With an understanding of what’s most important, we prototype a handful of possible solutions to help envision what a solution could look and feel like. We conduct user tests, technical feasibility assessments, and use a lot of sticky notes to determine if we’re on the right track.

Finally, build.

Once scope is defined, we begin building. This can take the shape of application development, creation of design assets, or architecture of the technical solution–or a seamless interweaving of all three. We work in an agile manner, so our best clients are those who love to be involved early and often.