Open Possibilities Your customer’s journey includes hundreds of opportunities to launch something new. Your customer’s journey includes hundreds of opportunities to knock their socks off. Your customer’s journey includes hundreds of opportunities to connect their world.

We Are 


Open is the digital consultancy at OST. We use human behavior as our north star to make game-changing products for your business.

To us, success is not only modernizing your company’s technology, but aligning your digital tools and touchpoints to serve your customers and teams. We engage in projects around Experience Design, Software Solutions, Data Analytics and more.



At Open we create connected products by starting with the user’s journey. Using that experience, we identify opportunities to not just make a device ‘smart’, but to create an immersive experience for your customers across your digital touch points.



A quickly changing landscape means exponentially more opportunities for your business. How do you decide where to invest and what to ignore?

Open helps companies unlock growth by defining and aligning on what’s next.



To your users, the interface is the product. But when products fail, it’s almost never because the interface wasn’t beautiful.

At Open, we believe a great design not only looks and feels good, but it tests the assumptions about your users through prototypes before you write a line of code.



In a digital world, we are people-first. From applications and connected products to branding and strategy, we apply this people-first approach to projects across industries.